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Just Because Gift Boxes & Bouquets

Are you looking for just because gift ideas? With tons of gift options filled with their favorite treats, we know just the way for you to say, "Bon Voyage", "Have a Great Day", "You’re the Best", "Happy Monday" and more! No matter what the reason, we have the perfect just because gift for any budget to deliver a taste of happiness to someone special without a special occasion in mind.

Your Selection: Just Because

Just Because Gifts for Girlfriend

If you just started dating or have spent years of bliss together, there’s no better time to show your love. Take advantage of our Just Because Gifts collection to find the right gift to say, “I Love You,” just because.

Unique Just Because Gifts for Her

For the woman in your life, a good choice is a box of mixed chocolate Dipped Fruit™. It combines the elegance of chocolate Dipped™ strawberries with apple wedges and banana bites. With a range of delicious flavors, she’ll want to enjoy every last bite.

Just Because Gifts for Boyfriend

For the guy in your life, you’ll want to say, “I Love You” with something simple but showy. A large Edible® fruit arrangement offers a wide range of flavors mixed together in an artfully crafted package. The simplicity of the flavors combined with the complexity of the arrangement should show him that you understand what he likes and that you want everyone to know just how much he means to you.

Just Because Gifts for Best Friend

Your friends need to see that you love them too, and you can do that with a variety of gift options from our Just Because Gifts collection. For your girlfriends, nothing says “How’s it going, girl?” like a box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ that you can share together. For your guy friends, you can keep it simple and straightforward with a fruit arrangement featuring ripe, juicy fruit pieces for a delicious treat.

Just Because Gifts for Him Delivered

Sometimes, sending him something is just the right way to show him that you care. A small Edible® fruit arrangement is a good option since it is simple, compact, and filled with yummy fresh fruit flavors. With Edible Arrangements®, it’s easy to find the perfect gift for any guy and have it delivered right to his door.

Just Because Gifts for Mom

Telling your mother that you love her should be an everyday thing. When it’s time for a tangible (and tasty) reminder, a box of Swizzle Berries® is just right for the occasion. Not only are they decadent, but they also come with a sophisticated design that shows that you care with an attention to detail and quality. Choose a gift set with our gourmet Dipped Fruit™ paired with fresh fruits like pineapple, cantaloupe balls and wedges, grapes, and more, plus a cheerful balloon when you want to say you care in a big and meaningful way.

Just Because Gifts for Her Delivered

If you want to have your gift delivered so that everyone around can see her receive something special, you could try a vase filled with fruit flowers. She’ll get daisy pineapple and melon “flowers” mixed with grape skewers. It is simple enough for her to handle wherever it’s delivered, but creative enough to make a memorable impression on her and those around her.

Just Because Gifts for Him Long Distance

Showing your love is especially important over long distances and a box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ can make that distance feel much shorter. He’ll get a heart-shaped box full of chocolate Dipped™ strawberries that make it clear how you feel, or a tasty trio of chocolate Dipped™ strawberries, apples, and bananas for a fun and lively treat. It is just the right amount of encouragement and reassurance that he needs to stay connected over a long distance.

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