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Wedding Gifts, Fruit Baskets & Bouquets

If you're looking for the perfect wedding gift, a fruit bouquet or box of chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements® is sure to impress. We use only the freshest fruits and real, gourmet semisweet chocolate in every arrangement for an exquisite treat anyone will love.

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Unique Wedding Gifts

A white dove is a classic wedding symbol, representing purity and the promise of a new life as the dove flies to freedom. While it might be impractical to give the gift of doves to the newly married couple, you can send a wedding gift that prominently features the dove. Many of the wedding gift arrangements that we offer feature pineapple doves dipped in white chocolate. Send your fruit arrangement on its own or with a bunch of festive balloons to commemorate the union.

Gift Ideas for Wedding Couple

Give the best wedding gift for the couple who already has it all. A bouquet of ripe, fresh, and mouthwatering fruit pieces is a treat enjoyed at any time, whether before the wedding or in their hotel room, after the festivities are over. A large Edible® fruit arrangement is a simple, yet welcome gift of beautifully arranged pineapple hearts, strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew, and crisp grapes. Festive and understated decorations help this gift stand out.

Edible® Wedding Gift Ideas

When deciding what to include in a wedding gift, the most important ingredients are love and hope for the future. To wish the happy couple much success in the many years ahead of them, consider one of the most traditional wedding presents…fruit. For years, sending a loved one fruit to celebrate their union was believed to bring fruitfulness and celebrate the beginning of a new season in life. Choose to gift them fruitfulness with a large arrangement of tasty fruit.

DIY Wedding Gifts

Choosing to DIY a wedding gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate the newlyweds. Edible Arrangements® wedding gifts come with the thoughtfulness and care you’d expect from something handmade, but without the expensive trip to the arts and crafts store or the hassle of trying to ship it. Our collection of fresh fruit arrangements, balloons, and chocolate Dipped Fruit™ are loving and inspired.

Wedding Gifts Delivery

Need to send your deepest regrets for not being able to be there in person to celebrate with them as they say their I Dos? Have an Edible® wedding gift delivered right to their door to let them know you’ll always be there for them. A large arrangement of fresh cut fruit and chocolate Dipped Fruit™ is an easy way to impress the newlyweds with a treat they can share between last-minute wedding tasks and planning ahead for the future.

Beautiful Wedding Gift Arrangements

No matter what your relationship is to the bride and groom, you want to give them a beautiful wedding gift that stands out from the rest. An Edible® fruit arrangement is a stunning work of art, with crimped melon spears, zesty pineapple shapes, and possibly a gourmet Belgian chocolate pop. Choosing between plain fresh fruit pieces and chocolate Dipped Fruit™ is a difficult decision you’ll have to make. If you’re stuck wondering what to send, choose a fruit arrangement that offers both.

Wedding Centerpieces

Every bride wants the perfect centerpieces for her wedding reception. With Edible Arrangements® fruit displays available in multiple sizes, you can select the perfect centerpieces for your big day. Plus, they’ll double as appetizers or tasty desserts that your guests will love. Or, choose a larger display for the head table or dessert table featuring treats such as fresh pineapple daisies and stars, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe wedges and balls, delicious chocolate Dipped Fruit™, and more to make a big, bold (and tasty) impression.

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